Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon Fanfic: Don't Scream Ticci. After 4 years they had gotten married and tried for children after being married for a year and a half. fem ticci toby (tami) x male reader. you meat some of the creepypasta characters. "Just yell 'Slender', ok Aiko?". You kissed back and hugged him. Ticci Toby x reader lemon. Slenderman Creepypasta | Reader Ticci Toby | Fanfiction Romance Hoodie Lemon Masky Proxies Toby X Reader Creepypasta X Reader Creepypastaxreader As a child, [Y/N] always had a babysitter named Lyra. Shy boy (ticci Toby x Ben Drowned) by Noodle Prince 80. You lie on your bed, watching as your boyfriend, Ben Drowned, Ticci Toby x Reader- Waffles and Kisses. Creepy pasta x reader(lemon). Hanging by a hatchet Ticci Toby X reader LEMON!! You were a 17 year old human girl with a crazy psycho serial killer boyfriend, named Toby. "Hey hot stuff, what do you say, me and you cuddle?" Walking in the kitchen holding Pancake, you nod your head. 😂😝This is a lemon which means its going to be sour😝😂 (Y/N) = your name (h/c) = hair color (f/c) Their Innocent Flower. You brushed off as kids walked passed you and laughed at you. You were nothing but an angel to him, his perfect little angel. Toby pulls down his hood and begins to work at the straps that keep his mask secured to his face. Distorted (Ticci Toby x male reader). You only had to wait about 5 minutes and he was there. Hunting Dogs (first book) 131 pages Completed July 27, 2022 Dragana. What happens when the two find that, despite their differences, perhaps the other isn't half as bad as they thought?. Which is why she bought and moved into a log cabin in the woods. Romance Lemon Kissed Love Forced Marriage. Another girl, another past, another cycle. Ticci Toby X listener SONGBIRD (introduction. He likes to sleep his curtains open so when he lay down to his comfortable bed after a mission, he can fall asleep watching the stars. WARNING: CONTAINS LEMON AND MANY SWEAR WORDS. Jeff simply shook his head before walking off, not wanting to pertake in the conversation anymore, which was the longest one he had since his brother died. Chapters: Kudos: Hits: Filters. He saw nothing in the thick blackness that surrounded them and the trees. "As long as the mission was completed and there were no witnesses, you have nothing to worry …. It was disgusting, his love for you was disgusting. Read ticci toby from the story creepypasta x male reader oneshots by Mooki231 (Max ;p) with 1,115 reads. We arrived back at the mansion and I wa. Browse through and read or take reader x lemons stories, quizzes, and other creations Ticci Toby x Reader// Unfaithful. A couple weeks later, You went to Toby. Of course you brushed it off, there was plenty of people outside, so it wouldn’t surprised you if you caught one of their attention, but, the person you caught was someone you really didn’t want attention from. Toby gladly fucks your shit up. Big Hero 6 Disney | Reader Baymax Hiro Hamada Honey Lemon | Fanfiction Hiro Xreader Wasabi Gogo Fred Tadashi. 10 parts Ongoing I will do any kind of lemons! I can do straight, bi, threesomes, gay (and so on) A Pirate's Value (1) || Sanji Vismoke 143 parts Complete THIS IS BOOK …. Y/N gradually began to deepen the kiss and snaked his arms around Toby's neck. Read Another Announcement from the story Midnight Romeo (Ticci Toby X reader lemon) by InSAnitYgirl01 with 16,158 reads. Then the door was slammed open, revealing Jack. A guy who messed with me every chance he got. Creepypasta | Reader BEN Drowned | Fanfiction Romance Inexplicable Allure Ben Drowned Lemon Scary Death X Reader. 16 year old (Y/N) (L/N) has been avoided many years because of an incident. Young Toby looked to where you were laying, but he didn't see you at all. The last thing you remembered before waking up in the dark room was walking home from volleyball practice with your friend Tyesha. Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers | Ticci Toby. Read stories about #fanfiction, #awesomecreepypastalemonsand7mi, and #abuse on Wattpad, recommended by MarksThomasGurl. Read Stories Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon~~~~~~. ticcitobylemon, ticcitoby, ticcitobyxreaderlemon. Yet every part of his body wanted all of you. Toby noticed you havent been eating so he's been practically feeding you. Jul 22, 2023 - Explore Collins's board "Ticci toby", followed by 139 people on Pinterest. They frowned at you and then spit on you. Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers|Ticci Toby/Reader Eyeless Jack/Reader Laughing Jack/Reader Zero/Reader Liu Woods | Homicidal Liu/Reader Jonathan Blake | The Puppeteer/Reader Natalie Ouellette | Clockwork/Reader Kagekao (Creepypasta)/Reader Ji-Woon Hak | The Trickster/Reader Additional Tags: Blood and Gore Character Death Explicit Sexual Content. Slenderman X Reader Forced lemon pt. But with all this pressure of a lov Sober (Ticci Toby x reader) 9 parts. More by PurpleGirlMask123 Watch. 17-mar-2018 - Eres una chica que suffre de bulling pero Toby es tu novio y te regala algo y tiene lemon Es mi primer lemon pero les aseguro que es bueno. Fanfiction Horror Supernatural Creepypasta Jeff The Killer OC X OC. Other characters are non-romanceable. Read SEXUAL PART from the story Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon *SEXUAL* by anime_fanboy289 with 9374 reads. “You are such a good girl/boy”. She's The Bad Boy and The Tomboy. The next update will be a lemon! ^-^-----As the note read you went outside where you had seen Toby. Old Friend Ticci Toby X Reader~ Completed June 16, 2018 Smol Ticci Tory Creepypasta | Reader | Fanfiction Horror Romance Lover Love Crazy Killer Cute Toby Ticci No Lemon. He saw fire all around, he than stood up in …. You tried to stay away from everyone since you were scared. You just had to find out if the rumours about him were true, but that's exactly what he wanted, because the moment you did, you became his obsession. Supernova (avengers x-reader) by Cassidy. This is going to be a compilation of Ticci Toby x reader lemons. Ticci Toby Creepypasta Waffles - Discover & Share GIFs. You are an orphan living on the streets of New York, blissfully ignorant of what makes you special. I couldn't do anything, only stare at the creature's soulless eyes. • (Y/n) (L/n) - A wanted girl running away from home. Buy "Ticci Toby" by LemonGrabMyButt as a iPad Case & Skin. Ticci Toby , Laughing-Jack, Eyeless-Jack , Jeff the killer and Ben_Drowned. The boy Zach told her to leave and never speak to him ever again. Idek but stumbled on a few words lol. I stand up and walk to my door, but Toby grabs the hood of my hoodie and pulls me back. [ creepypasta x f!reader ] A freshly graduated nursing student from the USA is relieved her schooling days are over. [Creepypasta Fanfiction/ DROP] Ticci Toby x Reader Unemotional. BLACK CLOVER FANFICTION info dump: reader is op and uses she/her pronouns (sorry, I'll make a differ Dream Girl (Lightning McQueen X Self insert) 23 parts. Slenderman Creepypasta Marble Hornets | Hoodie Masky The Operator Ticci Toby | Short Stories Death Killer Proxy Murder Gore Slave Mission. Your parents had recently passed away and you for some reason didn't feel comfortable sleeping upstairs alone. Reader's childhood friend Alex Kralie made her/them/him audition for his project called Marble Hornets. Browse through and take ticci toby x reader lemon personality tests. a ticci toby lemon, enjoy little perverts ;) Don't like, Don't read. Read UwU (Ticci Toby X Reader) from the story Creepypasta (X Reader) by tory_chan_is_fab (💚 toto 💚) with 561 reads. Ticci Toby x Clockwork by CuppyCakery66. When Slenderman goes after her again, but with his proxies this time. You just starred at each other for a few minutes. Yandere Ticci Toby x Y/N Masc Ver by DrunkPaint. His black and white striped clothes. creepypasta x male neko reader Fanfiction. Browse; Wattpad Originals Ticci Toby x reader EJ x reader EJ x reader. Or so our sassy friend (you) thinks. She fought but he was stronger than her so it wasn't much of use. BEN Drowned x Elizabeth (first request) Wed, Sep 17, 2014. Read the most popular ticcitobyoneshots stories on Wattpad, the …. He knows absolutely nothing about dating. " Next thing you know you and Toby are throwing lemons at each other while Slender is "screaming" at you to stop. no he doesn’t care if he gets sick too. After the death of her friends and her own near death experience, (Y/N) can finally relax in the safety of the creepypasta mansion. Slenderman Lemon Fanfiction Stories. Being part of the creepypasta group was the best thing that has happened to you. "I really like your smile Toby. Ticci Toby x Male!Reader It was another cold winter day, snow gently falling from the puffy white clouds that lined the sky, the air that was coming in through the open living room window was cold and cri. Ticci Toby X Twin Reader Quizzes. Yes these are simply creepypasta lemons cause that's how I roll, don't judge bros. [A/n: i can’t make them any longer at this point, i’m sick and busy] The tapping on your window never ceased, it was driving you insane. Being in Slenderman's mansion meant the world to you. Creepypasta x reader Oneshots And so it's a ticcidrowned story, that's ticci Toby x BEN Drowned, and it's clearly g Completed. Masky x Hoodie x Ticci Toby x Reader >U know how it goes? Y/N and all that xD< *chapter three* Ur pov I was walking outside while It …. He took over when he pushed me down again. Shaking I heard something in the bushes. Living at Slender Mansion #Taken. Ticci Toby x Reader Headcanons. As you were walking you hear foot steps behind you but as you turned to look for someone. After they were gone for sure, Toby jumped up and screamed, "PARTAH!!!" He started jumping up and down on the couch. Ticci Toby: STORY - Drawing + Creepypasta …. Imposter (Ticci-Toby X Reader) by This also contains some Homicidal Liu x Ticci Toby¡! lesbian; girlxgirl; xvirus +8 more # 13. After a couple of good years in your trade, you eventually meet an abrupt end to your successful career. Creepypasta Marble Hornets | Reader Masky. "You're beautiful, (Y/N)," Masky whispered in to your ear as he began kissing your neck. In between the line of the natural world and the unnatural world lies a girl. Sour lemons 4 you! Enjoy~! Don't read if you don't know what lemons are, cuz its has REALLY Mature Stay - Mattheo Riddle. (Not a super popular ship buuuttttt. Just imagine it, you, laying back on the bed, legs spread, face heated and Toby is taking off his shirt in front. You stopped and panted when you was outside you're house. Sure, they left me a thousand bucks, but they won't let me go to Dane's. You quietly crept down the stairs, hating how the old wood sounded. An: can't be bothered to write the rest so yeah I hope u lieky buh buye. creepypastaxreaderlemon, ticcitobyxhoodie, jeffth. Groaning, you stand to your feet, rubbing the back of your head. [WARNING: This is a LEMON CHAPTER! If. #creepypasta #maleneko #malereader #neko #ships. constantly being abused by her always drunk parents, she finally decide. Then Toby accidentally hits Masky in the head while he. See a recent post on Tumblr from @insomniac-shado about ticci toby x reader headcanons. This is my first x Reader write so please don't judge! I am planning to not have lemon in Mom! I'm Texting Serial Killers! (Creepypast 34 parts Ongoing. You and Toby have known each other for quite a while. "Hey Toby wanna do something fun. He stands motionless in the same spot for a few minutes before disappearing into the woods. CEO 40 parts Ongoing Mature [BEING RE-WRITTEN RN] Book one in the D'Angelo Series (Also the first maybe three chaps might be c A Killing Love (Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon) 24 parts Ongoing "" (Y/N-N)? (Y/N) are y-you awake?". The two stood there kissing each other deeper and deeper until they both suddenly pulled away and began to unzip their pants. ticci toby x reader on Tumblr">#ticci toby x reader on Tumblr. but he slowly stopped the kiss, and he looked at you with a smile and blushed, and then pecked you one more time on the lips and whispered in your ear. soft headcanons depot! ship and xreader friendly! sfw only! match ups closed! requests closed! Anonymous said: Do you have any hcs for Toby when his s/o is sick? i sure do !! definitely the type to cuddle up with you even if you protest. The past has dug its claws into the deceased, some more than others. * dramatic beats * ticci Toby ticci : * grabs jack and runs off to the closet * come on jacky I want u jack : wait!! masky and hoodie : jack and toby sitting on a tree k. CEO 40 parts Ongoing Mature [BEING RE-WRITTEN …. Slenderman Creepypasta | Reader BEN Drowned Sally Williams Jeff the Killer Ticci Toby | Fanfiction Horror Romance Lemon Proxies Hoodie Masky Horrorromance Drugs. But after Toby succumbs to his insanity, will …. I groaned and checked LJ's room. Creepypasta Yandere | Reader Ticci Toby | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance X Reader (Y/N) thought this was going to be just another weekend with her friends until she receives a text from a certain someone. " So we got up put are clothes on and walked back to the mansion. She walked towards the only room she knew, which was the living room. Unrequited (Yandere! Ticci Toby x Reader) Second Chapter is here: Part 2 The Other Chapters: Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, . You was to scared to do anything else then to lock yourself in and close the windows. Creepypasta lemons and fluff. Watching as the clouds floated by, Toby was sitting on the swining bench. 𝚂𝚎𝚕𝚌𝚘𝚞𝚝𝚑 (discontinued xCreepypasta 34 parts Ongoing. Creepypasta Toby X Reader. She's been by his side for, who knows how long, and she will always be loyal to him, but things aren't always as dark and gory as. 9K 49 [Completed] Y/N is a 17-year-old girl who has been isolated in a Mental Institution for 3 years now, every passing hour becoming a blur. creepypasta x male reader oneshots. (y/n) (l/n) was haunted by Slenderman in her past, lost a lot of people, and went through a lot of trauma. Tears stained her tanned cheeks, her petrified glass green eyes wild as she desperately ran from an unknown threat, her gown marred with bloody prints from running through the dead. Play over 320 million tracks for free on . Always past the tree line, never crossing it. Ticci Toby x Reader// Unfaithful 187 pages 9 months ago fizzlicious Slenderman Creepypasta | Reader Ticci Toby | Fanfiction Romance Hoodie Lemon Masky Proxies Toby X Reader Creepypasta X Reader Creepypastaxreader. The place is unknown, and everything around you is foreign in nature, even the unnaturally white walls of the building. Who are they and what's Y/n's true identity? **𝐖𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠. Read stories about #comedy, #creepypasta, and #angel on Wattpad, recommended by ProxyFireFox. Toby finds you in a forest crying for help. Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers | Ticci Toby/Reader. Some things to note: -Toby is 23 years old. Love & Friendship Eyeless Jack Jeff The Killer Ticci Toby Slender Man Slenderman Creepypasta x reader Let me read your tarot and I'll give you a Creepypasta boyfriend! Tarot is not an exact science, it's not even a science, so don't be upsetti spaghetti if your reading isn't accurate. Creepypasta Reverse Harem | Kagekao Jeff the Killer Eyeless Jack Ticci Toby Reader | Fanfiction Horror Romance Gender Neutral Reader Made out of boredom Slow updates. Ticci Toby and Jeff The Killer were put in a mental hospital after being caught murdering people. It started with a particular case when you crossed paths with a group of vicious and unrelenting murderers. However, thanks to that, she manages to join a club, a family The creepy housee. " You shivered, chills running up and down your spine. Missing - Ticci Toby x Reader (04) You sat in a small room that consisted of one bed, two windows, a closet, and other furniture and items that any usual bedroom would need. An cold and a deadly pair, but silently a loving and caring pair. " I nodded, looking down in disappointment with myself. You turned around, looking for anything out of the ordinary. These are just the Creepypasta stories I know. BEN (BEN Drowned) Sally Williams (Creepypasta) Tobias …. - Ticci Toby - Nightmare Ally - Nurse Ann. "Argghhh!!"I screamed in frustration, throwing my phone in the couch. After all, Lyra was the one who. Ticci Toby x Reader (LEMON). 41 pages June 13, 2016 Cindy Ella. Aiko nodded before you both darted into the forest. (Y/N) belongs to a long line of Demon Slayers who moved to America in an attempt to escape their life. You glanced around the room lazily, looking for someone to hang out …. Read stories about #fanfiction, #ticci, and #creepypasta on Wattpad, recommended by Fnafrules87. Slender Sickness (Slender Man Mythos) (Originally posted on Quotev) You are a crime scene investigator. Readerxcreepypasta Stories. Ticci Toby x Abused! Fun! Reader. Read Wanna have some fun~ from the story Ticci Toby x Reader (LEMON) by TexterFemale (Texter Female) with 440 reads. Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers|Ticci Toby/Reader Eyeless Jack/Reader Laughing Jack/Reader Zero/Reader Liu Woods | Homicidal Liu/Reader Jonathan Blake | The …. "T-tob-" I say as he entered me. You've met all of the creepypastas, including Jeff the killer and Ben Drowned. bendrowned; bxb; ticcidrowned +7 more # 4. You left and walked home crying, but you stumbled in a forest to be tackled by a stranger. Slenderman Creepypasta | Reader Ticci Toby | Fanfiction Romance Thriller Killer Jeff Jane Lemon Clockwork Liu Fluff Angst Masky Proxies Ticci Toby X Reader. So, I'm bored and saw more of …. Down in the Dark (Ticci Toby x Reader). The creature also reacted, scrathching my leg in the process. Laughing Jack X Ticci Toby Fanficti Danielle_Lynn48. Calm (GiyuuxReader) by lunarshadows22. Toby does a little twirl and laughs. Toby jumps in the air and whoops happily. The first time you felt like someone was watching you, was when you were walking home from school. Creepypasta Marble Hornets Slenderman | Reader Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers Timothy "Tim" Wright {Dark Story!! 15+} After a mentally deranged killer has been stalking you and your friends for quite some time, he begins to develop a sickening and twisted obsession with you. Cashiering isn't so bad [Creepypasta/Marble Days stuck behind the counter of a convenience store out in the middle of nowhere are slow at best You are becoming a proxy of Slenderman against your will. Jane Arkensaw | Jane the Killer. I open the door and I am greeted by Chester, my little pitbull puppy. Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon *SEXUAL. Ticci Toby x Reader (LEMON) Fanfiction. Slenderman decides the best thing to do is give him a more experienced partner, one who knows his way around. Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers | Ticci Toby/Reader; Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers | Ticci Toby; The Seed Eater; Blood and Gore; Chases; Teasing; Eventual Smut; Rape/Non-con Elements; Reader …. Although she didn't like large population, she loved large trees. Read {Ticci Toby X Hoodie} { Crushes } from the story Creepypasta Lemons by Mosva22 (Mosse) with. (If you don't want to read your context, go to chapter 4) Language: English. You look up to see legs connected to them. Chpt 20: Birthdays and surprises. Wattpad Originals; Try Premium;. Ticci toby and jeff the killer lemons. Read stories about #completed, #creepypasta, and #boredom on Wattpad, recommended by Dr_Bones. You lay your head on his chest, looking up at him. It makes the green monster in you roar in envy, even though you’ve lived a decent life. Masky X (Female) Reader X Hoodie/Hoody X Eyeless Jack X Ticci. Discover more posts about ticci-toby. See a recent post on Tumblr from @creepyhottakes about jeff the killer x reader. Toby was always there after [M/n] had killed, ready to help dispose of the bodies. He looked at you and you were scared as hell. Hoodie/Reader; Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers|Ticci Toby/Reader; Masky (Creepypasta) Hoody (Creepypasta) Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers | Ticci Toby; Reader; Original Characters; Reader-Insert; Fanfiction; Reader is a detective; Graphic Description; Implied Sexual Content; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD; Minor Sexual Content; Stockholm Syndrome. Add to library 9 Discussion Suggest tags. ⚠️🔞18+ ONLY🔞⚠️ ⚠️NOT MPREG IT WAS A …. It was close to the edge of Slender’s woods, which was fortunately where Toby was trying to go. OR! I could post a Kakashi x Naruto fanfiction. (You're like 8-10 years old in this) Ever since you escaped the asylum your parents sent you to, you've live with the Creepypastas. 68 pages Completed February 23, 2021 Aurora Slenderman Creepypasta | Reader BEN Drowned Sally Williams Jeff the Killer Ticci Toby | Fanfiction Horror …. Ticci Toby X Male Reader by DMC3Vergil on DeviantArt. How much worse could your life get? A lot actually, you didn't think you'd catch the eye of a certain, ticking killer. Creepypasta lemons 🍋 Fanfiction. she wanted nothing t More details. Eyeless Jack watched you carefully. Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. Ticci Toby X Reader" Stories. Ticci Toby x Reader~ Ticking Love Ch. Toby's fallen madly in love with you. I was suppose to die, be in hell but I didn't. Yandere Ticci Toby X Reader. "I would like to have the lemon tart. The Daughter of Ticciwork by ʜɪ sᴛʀᴀɴɢᴇʀ. Depression ||TicciToby Story|| 6 parts Ongoing Creepypasta Boyfriend Scenarios (Male Reader) 76 parts Ongoing. Y/N stretches her arms, tilting her head to the side as she did that. He manages through his laughter. You're Mine Dollface - Ticci Toby x Reader Punklovergirl68. Ticci Toby belongs to Kastoway You belong to yourself. With the passing of time, there's change, and recently, there's realizations that the past is repeating itself once again. I woke up with the sun in my face as I went to sit up I felt a moan of annoyance I looked over to see Jack sleeping pulling me close making me laugh a little. He found your soft spot as you let out a moan or two. Creepypasta Yandere | Reader Eyeless Jack Jane the Killer BEN Drowned Jeff the Killer Ticci Toby. Both your tongues danced together, seeing who would win in a fight of dominance. Yandere Ticci Toby x reader / Yandere Jeff The Killer x reader. you slowly pushed the tip of your member into her she held in her moans. Ben laughs a tired chill sort of laugh and puts his arm around you. Your smile widens even more as you get even closer to him. You sat on a sofa in Slenderman Manor, drowning in boredom. But he finds it even more comfortable if you are tere with him. (because wattpad hates me and has taken down my past account before and one of the new books from this account). eyelessjack, creepypasta, malereader. - *Cover made by jumpingapples * I shake out of fear and despair, watching as my captor knelt down in front of me. A girl, who never feels afraid, attacked by bullies and driven to madness, decides to take revenge for all the suffering they have caused her. Oct 27, 2020 - Read Ticci toby x reader part 2 from the story Ticci Toby x reader lemon by rubystar248 (Ruben) with 36,102 reads. A male reader creepypasta insert ☆|| You, a 21-year-old who has yet to go to college, a 21-year-old living in a rundown apartment in Darrenville, Vermont, a 21-year-old forced to engage with the horrors of the forest. A collection of fanfictions featuring Ticci Toby, a character from the creepypasta Ticci-toby, and his readers. he kissed your neck finding your sweet spot. Download Millions Of Videos Online. Read stories about #abuse, #creepypasta, and #jeff on Wattpad, recommended by kandy6i78. Slenderman Creepypasta | Reader Ticci Toby | Fanfiction Romance Thriller Killer Jeff Jane Lemon Clockwork Liu Fluff Angst Masky Proxies Ticci Toby X Reader Y/n is a whimpy teenager, unemployed, and now internated in a small mental clinic after escaping through death's fingers. More trees mean less houses, which meant less people. Creepypasta Slenderman Marble Hornets | Slenderman Jeff the Killer Ticci Toby Masky Hoodie Action Supernatural. Read stories about #edd, #eddsworld, and #ewtord on Wattpad, recommended by Cigarette_Sadness. (Y/n) (l/n) is a girl with a dark background. Jeff The Killer & Ticci Toby X Reader Shutting Down. " I pulled back a bit to look at his pale face. "Toby believes it's something greater that coerced his mind any time he became violent. See a recent post on Tumblr from @marbledhornets25 about ticci-toby. Get a move on, we have a mission to do" Masky calls out to us. Creepypasta One Shots (Mostly Female Reader x (Creepypasta)) …. You lay on your right side, facing him, gently running your fingers through his messy. See a recent post on Tumblr from @safe-by-dawn about ticci Toby x reader smut. THIS IS BOOK 1 OF 2 AND IT HAS THE ALABASTA SAGA (LITTLE GARDEN ARC, DRUM ISLAND ARC & ALABASTA ARC 𝐈𝐧𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐭𝐲|| Creepypasta x Reader. Authors Note Not A Bad One! (Ticci-toby x Reader) 26 parts Ongoing. Toby's eyes narrowed as he stared at the blonde male who lay unconscious in the small shed behind his old beaten up home, his soaked hair pooling over his paled thin arm creepypasta. My Twitching Boyfriend {Ticci Toby x reader} Fanfiction. She ate some poisonous berries by accident and almost died. Discover more posts about slenderman x reader, creepypasta x reader, eyeless jack, creepypasta, and …. You, (CP/N), wife of Ticci Toby and a mother of 2 little girls, are a unique creepypasta. Ticci Toby x Reader// Unfaithful. " Toby walks into the room then I just got an amazing idea. Creepypasta | Reader | Fanfiction Horror Romance Lover Love Crazy Killer Cute Toby Ticci No Lemon. Addicted to you//Mattheo Riddle. Read authors note sorry from the story Ticci-Toby x reader (lemon warning)DISCONTINUED by HomestuckTrashLord (Master Bendy) with 274 reads. " (Y/N)!!" He shouted, crashing on the ground. Closer Than Ever (lemon Warning) Mon, Jun 16, 2014. Ticci Toby: An Eye For An Eye [book 1] 68 pages Completed February 23, 2021 Aurora. [Completed] Y/N is a 17-year-old girl who has been isolated in a Mental Institution for 3 years now, every passing hour becoming a blur. You twisted your neck and arms, trying to shake him off. you're welcome #creepypasta #ticcitoby #ticcitobyxreader #tobyrogers #tobyxreader. But the teacher hit Toby on the head with a text book. If you already have an account, Log in. Despite her harsh an Ticci Toby x Female!reader lemon/smut 1 part Ongoing Mature a ticci toby lemon, enjoy little perverts ;) Don't like, Don't read. 131 pages Completed July 27, 2022 Dragana. maskyandhoodie, slenderman, blood. Hoodie began swirling his tongue with yours. You knew he was a serial killer, and luckily you weren't scared of him. Big Hero 6 Disney | Reader Baymax Hiro Hamada Honey Lemon | Hiro Xreader Wasabi Gogo Fred Tadashi. I promise I'll do a lemon for you guys soon. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Read Slender Man x Reader LEMON from the story Slender Man x Reader LEMON(other pastas too) 18+ by Soren666111 with 49,924 reads. Read stories about #bendrowned, #creepypasta, and #ben on Wattpad, recommended by DylanDreams. Fanfiction Horror Obsession Love Possessive Dark Jeff The Killer Angst. "Keep running Aiko!" You ordered as you loaded the gun. Read stories about #bendrowned, #ben, and #completed on Wattpad, recommended by homestuck_Fan247. Quick Announcement -this is important as it involves stuff about the story- 21. Discover more posts about ticci-toby x reader. You are 21 years old actually, you live in the manor with others creepypasta obviously. "Hi I'm (Y/N) I'm a proxy and am best friends with Toby. I will randomly include lemon. you then pushed your whole length into her, she. 9K 11 As a kid, you had been bullied due to your Tourettes, making involuntary different sounds and movements, the kids mimicing them. None other than Jeff the Killer, himself. That's the reason she loved nature. I had really gotten to the point of lying to Toby. He saw fire all around, he than stood up in panic. I was walking home from school, the cool fall air blew my hair out of my eyes and sent chills down my body. Hide and Seek (yandere Ticci Toby / reader + yandere Jeff the killer / reader) orphan_account. Ticci Toby (@TobyRogersProxy) / X. Ticci Toby x reader lemon (number 2) Slenderman x Neko reader lemon. Nicole Ouellette Rodgers is the daughter of Ticci Toby and clockwork read to find out what Adventures Nicole, Toby, And Clockwork go through. Creepypasta Lemon Stories. I growl and push him away from me. Laughing Jack X Ticci Toby Fanfiction. Misanthropy (Jeff the Killer X Ticci Toby). ok yes my second story! The reader gets pergo and ticci is the dad so plz plz enjoy plz vote for meh ----- bendrowned. Posted on 18th Jun at 10:23 PM, with 6 notes Anonymous asked: Could I get a HC of jeff and toby with a s/o that’s going through an episode? Like shutting themselves out for days, ignoring the cps and then coming back …. Todoroki x reader Cold and dark. creepypasta lemons - Ticky toby x reader lemon. I kissed his forehead as he looked at me and smiled with razor sharp teeth making me smirk. You sit up in shock but you moved too quick, causing you to fall to the floor with a thud. (Y/A) year old (y/n) walks home one night after a total fail on a date with the person who you thought she loved. Read Sup roomie! from the story Ticci Toby x Reader (LEMON) by TexterFemale (Texter Female) with 395 reads. creepypasta; jeffthekillerxreader; jeffthekiller +2 more # 7. Painted in water color for my best friend. Being in the mansion is tough, ben being a pervert, jeff being a cry baby about losing, and the MISSIONS but when a friend you haven't seen comes alongthe world changes and things don't seem that bad until later on #creapypasta #jeffthekiller #slenderman #ticcitoby #xreader. I hung onto the straps of my back pack as I neared the path to my house. Your (F/C) bikini sags slightly with the weight of the salty seawater. YN (she/they) realizes they are nonbinary as the story progresses. Discover more posts about ticci Toby x reader smut. Play Ticci Toby X listener SONGBIRD (introduction by Blue Dreamerr on desktop and mobile. Hoodie fell back onto the bed with Toby in his arms ''I Wuv you Hoodz'' Toby cuddled Hoodie's Chest ''Love you too''. sexiness, awesomecreepypastale Browse. Toby Rogers X Reader Stories. You looked around, but nothing was there. You laughed raspily before a cough replaced your laughter. Reader lost contact with Alex and years later Reader see Jay at their bakery they work at. There was a teenage girl named Y/N just trying to live an average life, she had loving parents and a 17 year old brother. Creepypasta | Reader Eyeless Jack Ticci Toby | Fanfiction Horror Thriller Creepypasta X Reader Proxies X Reader Masky Hoodie Dark Creepypasta X Reader. See a recent post on Tumblr from @curse-you-slenderman about Creepypasta x Reader. Creepypastalemons Stories. He skips to you and embraces you …. Ticci-Toby X reader lemon Upload, share, download and embed your videos. 179 pages 2 weeks ago fizzlicious. CHAPTER 1 A Killing Love (Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon). "NOOOO!" I yell before everything goes black. Y/n was nothing more than a normal college student who lived in a shared apartment with their friend. She looked at me I checked her closet and under her bed. No one really worried about Toby until he came home bloody with multiple fractured or broken bones and refused to let anyone help or tell them what had happened. You've become quite enticed by the smell of blood, but this wasn't always the case. Horror Supernatural Creepypasta Jeff The Killer OC X OC. You had just went down your separate paths, since she only lives a street down from you. He didn’t like it, but he was slowly growing closer to the autistic killer. Until Toby's other friends stop by for a visit. Will feature JTK, Ben Drowned, EJ, LJ, Masky, Hoodie, Ticci Toby, Puppeteer, Bloddy Painter, Homicidal Liu, Da. no he doesnt care if you accidentally cough or snot all over him. pregnantreader pregnant xreader mha fanfiction reader femalereader bnha readerinsert readerxcharacter aot lemon fluff love. He always smiled to cheer me up. 9K 114 15 ____ was Slenderman's first proxy. Even though his lips were black and he had white, pointy teeth, I loved looking at his smile. BEN (BEN Drowned) Sally Williams (Creepypasta) Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers | Ticci Toby. She squinted her eyes and stared up at the white ceiling and mentally cursed about how bright it was in the room-------Once her eyes adjusted she panicked an Browse through and read "ticci toby x eyeless jack" stories and books. Raspberry Cookie (Cookie Run)/Reader; Tobias Erin "Toby" Rogers | Ticci Toby/Reader; more ships i just reached the tag limit; Characters: Lucifer (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!) Saihara Shuichi; Eyeless Jack; Ticci Toby; more characters too again I just reached the tag limit :p; Additional Tags: Note: any Dreamsmp requests are of the characters. "Y/n d-don't lie to me plea-please. Read Yandere Ticci Toby x Female Reader from the story Creepypasta one shots (Requests are open!) by ilovemybooks2000 (Daydreamer) with 429 reads. # 1 Sounds So Sweet - Ticci Toby X Rea by andreana 158K 5. Midnight Romeo (Ticci Toby X reader lemon) Random. Hoody is in control and Brian is not. {Ticci Toby X Reader}{ Syrup } Mon, Jun 10, 2019 {Eyeless Jack X Male!Reader}{ Chased } Mon, Jun 10, 2019 {Splendor X Reader}{ My Savior } Get notified when Creepypasta Lemons is updated. Ticci Toby x Hoodie x Masky x Reader :/ (not a lemon)part 1">Ticci Toby x Hoodie x Masky x Reader :/ (not a lemon)part 1. It's a Ticci Toby fanfic in which you are the poor and mistreated, beaten and betrayed - tortured a Ticci Toby X Reader (Smexy Lemon). Toby twitched and cracked his neck, his eyes beginning to narrow and his body beginning to tense up at the sound of his full name. He looks you deep into your (E/C) eyes. She didn't notice, Toby staring at. Y/N = your name F/C = favorite color H/C = hair color H/L = hair Leight Ur pov Y/N was walking home from school hell and she was bleeding and she was bullyed on and she looks at a tree where is a note on it and there reads "Don't look or it takes you" and Y/N was too scared to take it and continued walkeing home "Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow and more Ow" her left leg was broken and her eye is black and shes. Ticci Toby x reader ~!LEMON!~. You stood there, staring at the flower for a couple more minutes. Yandere Creepypasta | Reader | Fanfiction Realistic Supernatural Unfinished Gore. Touch; Ticci Toby X Reader by 𝓡𝓪𝓲𝓷☂. His name is Toby (YAOI!!) tobyxmasky. Creepypasta Browse through and read or take ticci toby one shots stories, quizzes, and other creations. Creepyasta Various x GN Reader - You lived a far from standard life for as long as you had been an adult. Creepypasta Marble Hornets | Hoodie Reader Masky Ticci Toby | Fanfiction Horror Thriller X Reader Proxies You are a crime scene investigator. "T-Toby c'mon, I'm s-sick and y-you are t-too. Read {Ticci Toby X Hoodie}{ Crushes } from the story Creepypasta Lemons by Mosva22 (Mosse) with 23,708 reads. Nov 4, 2022 - Explore Tristan's board "Ticci Toby", followed by 1,074 people on Pinterest. Leave in the comments kf u want more of Masky x Hoodie x Ticci Toby x reader thing! BYE! 4 Favourites (OPEN) ADoptable 633. Dropping the juice box, fire was quickly spreading everywhere. Creepypasta | BEN Drowned Jeff the Killer Reader | Fanfiction Romance Oc Ben X Oc. This is a Eyeless jack, Ben drowned, Jeff the Killer, Ticci Toby, Masky, Hoodie, and maybe X-Virus x female Hispanic reader Read the most popular ticcitobyxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. " "That girl should kill herself, I mean like we can come up with a plan heehee. Reader Slenderman Ticci Toby Eyeless Jack Masky Hoodie. Toby leaped back as Jeff swung for him, maniacal laughter spewing from his lips. "I love you, Toby!!" "I love you too, (y/n). Toby smiled and put his cold hands to your cheeks and pulled you in for a kiss. You sighed and then slowly got up, wiping the blood from your mouth and nose. You are to meet Masky, Hoodie, and Toby When the family is happy, and there's no blood pouring down the staircase (YET), two killers. The sound only goes so far as a body pounces on you. Suddenly you feel a warm presence behind you. Read stories about #action, #creepypasta, and #aslongasyourehere on Wattpad, recommended by D3C1PH3R-7H3-GALAXY. See more ideas about ticci toby, creepypasta characters, creepypasta cute. X Reader Lemon Fanfiction Stories.